Jeff Metal
Documentary featuring Mark Ward during the lead up to and opening of his new exhibition of illustration & sculpture at Beach London gallery in Cheshire Street, East London.
Jeff Metal
Central St. Martins fashion graduate Mingki Cheng introduces his final collection.
The first release on BLACK GOLD is a limited pressing of 300 vinyls of 'DETONATE' & '2 IN 1' by Brighton based producer DISMANTLE. This short film documents the production of the covers which were screen printed in gold with hand embossed inner sleeves and numbered by hand.
Jeff Metal
I produced this short video promo for Abuze London, a visually articulate street wear brand, who have just opened their first flagship store within the pioneering retail complex, Boxpark, in East London.
Jeff Metal
I produced this short film when my friend Tucker from Japan came and toured the UK in 2009. Initially I had no intention of editing it all together, I was just filming bits and pieces for fun and practice. After he went back to Japan I looked back at the footage and decided to make something of it. Hope you like it.
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